Create an Efficient R&D Organization
Our Capabilities

We can help grow, streamline or invigorate your company's R&D organization to meet your business strategy. We understand how highly effective R&D teams work and interact, and the central role R&D assumes in new product development. We know what it takes to implement collaborative new product development processes that create new efficiencies through better decision-making.

  • R&D Consulting & Strategy
  • R&D Organizational Change
  • New Product Development
  • Nutraceutical Ideation
  • Product & Research Strategy

We can help you with the hands-on work that's required to bring sound new product concepts to life. This typically includes setting product requirements, developing safe and effective product formulations, product claims substantiation, raw ingredient sourcing and qualification, selection of manufacturers, setting quality control criteria, technology transfer and scale-up, trouble-shooting, product label reviews, generation of technical marketing materials and regulatory compliance. We have special expertise in multivitamin/mineral supplements and condition-specific supplements. We can also help you with clinical studies if desired.

Create Smart Nutraceutical Products